Are you living life to the full? Could you benefit from greater clarity, confidence — or calm?  Could you have more rewarding relationships, be more creative or organised, or communicate better? Are you going through a transition of some sort and are not sure of the way? Or are you simply interested in exploring what inspires you, fulfils you and makes you tick?


At whatever stage or age you are, it makes sense to evaluate whether you feel on track in your life. After all, it’s precious and worth making the most of — as are you.

Coaching is a very rewarding way to engage, because it establishes and influences the elusive parts of who you are and why you act as you do; the smallest shift in your beliefs or attitudes, feelings or behaviour can bring about exciting, heartwarming success – even life-changing results – through self-awareness, understanding, supportive challenge, planning, motivation… and humour. And it starts with a conversation.

The ‘what now and how?’ invitation


Be part of four to six informal, two-and-a-half hour, small-group or individual sessions, spanning four to six weeks, that help you re-charge your intentions, become aware of the subtle ways in which you may hold yourself back and help you tap your full potential. Coaching is the perfect way to do it.

‘what now and how? was revolutionary for me, never before had I allowed myself to spend so much time concentrating on myself, my goals, and my life and the results were literally life changing, and for the better.’

Catriona R

‘…it opened a door into another world and I can see many possibilities of where it could lead me. It has given me lots of tools to employ when thinking about myself and what I want to achieve.’

Fiona D




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